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Full service business appraisals, litigation support and expert witness testimony

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Business Appraisals

Our appraisals are USPAP compliant and can be used for:


Retirement Planning

Lost Wages


Partnership Disputes

Litigation Support & Expert Witness Testimony

Nobody wants the extra expense of going to trail.  My goal is to get you the correct value of your business so that we don’t have an expensive back and forth battle over the practice value in court.  The vast majority of litigation cases that I have worked on have settled before the trial date.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Want to team up with another professional to grow your practices?  There are 2 ways to approach a merger of 2 different sized businesses.  Let me walk you through your options to ensure an equitable post merger partnership.

A Certified Business Appriaser You Can Trust


No Hidden Fees/Request a Sample Report

Your quoted price is what you will pay, you won’t find any administrative fees or subscription add-ons.  You can use your credit card if you want to scoop up some points on your business card.

SBA Approved Appraiser

Are you a banker looking to get an appraiser to fulfill SBA regulations related to the business value?  Our appraisers have done hundreds of SBA business valuations.

Free Business Valuation Consultation

The hardest part of getting an appraisal done is gathering all of the information needed for the appraisal.  So grab your tax returns and other documents that help describe how your business ticks and call us for a free consultation.