We provide USPAP compliant business appraisals to the medical community.  Please fill out the form below and we will contact you so that we can get started on your appraisal.  3 Types of Business valuations are offered:

  • Formal Valuation: Going to court for a divorce, or partnership dispute?  You are going to need one of these.  The report is generally around 60-80 pages and will likely have enough information in it to settle the case outside of court.  This report is also used for SBA purposes
  • Summary Valuation: This is typically prepared for transactions.  Both parties can agree to have a non biased 3 party appraiser inform them of their business value.  Then the parties can skip the back and forth negotiation and all of the stress that entails.
  • Calculation Report:  Many times a bank will be presented with a business that they just don’t know if the value is in the right ball park for the loan.  Rather than jumping through all of the hoops that the SBA requires, banks will sometimes request this level of reporting.

Additional consulting and expert witness testimony are billed at $250 per hour.

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